Figure painting reproducing skill

Oil painting keeps changing and developing with the figure painting since it was came into being. Figure oil painting is the most important part of oil painting. Oil painting reproduction requires the artist has a solid sketch foundation and ability of managing color. The oil painting artist needs to understand and reproduce the figure’s character and inner spirit of the original oil painting before working. During the painting process is a strict using of the color and shape is vital. The comprehensive cultural accomplishment will be very helpful for oil painting reproduction work. Normally high level figure painting artist could also paint the landscape painting and still life painting very well.
The main points of classical figure painting reproduction:
In a classical oil painting, the figures were normally managed in a background or space. A three-dimensional space is necessary. The artist normally uses the perspective rules to push away the scene in the background. The near scene is normally painted by warm and pure color, the cold color and grey tone are always used to finish the far scene in the oil painting. Based on this rule, the contrast between warm tone and cold tone in the near scene leads the narrow contrast of the background.
The figures skin, the cloth material, and other kinds of articles for daily use are all could be depicted artistically and lively.
In painting circle, oil painting is named as the heavy industry, like Symphony in music field. That’s because oil painting owns heavier , nice quality, strength and deeper feelings than other kind of paintings. For example in an oil painting reproduction process, if it is a historical or monumental classical figure painting, the artist need to lay importance to the contrast between light and dark. The hand painted art work would show the oil painting tension with its quality.
4.Brush touches
Brush touch is a very important element to judge the painting quality. A high level artist will not restrained in the painting skill, he can release his feeling based on the painting style and the original painting subject. The natural and free painting strokes were came from the solid basic painting skills and the deep culture accomplishment. The artist’s feeling to the original painting will affect the final painting reproduction as well. A positive feeling to the original oil painting will inspired the painter’s full energy to finish the reproduction painting. Otherwise, the negative feeling only made the finished oil painting awkward and lack of art feeling.

The basic hand painted oil painting reproduction process
Figure painting reproduction required a high quality of the shape. The reproduction should be accurate with the original oil painting and reach the ideal target of the painting quality.
1.Laying out the bottom color
Laying the big color background is first step of painting. Painting the bottom color with big size brushes on the painting canvas then make it close to the initial color design, when the color is dry, the artist could continue painting.
2.Paint the details
Figure oil painting reproduction need the artist to produce the figures volume, space, texture even figure’s unique character rather than only copy the details mechanically time and time again. The most important details of the painting need the artist to adjust the brushstrokes and the color skill to realize a perfect painting result.
3.Thick oil paintings
Based on the different painting style, the artist need to choose suitable painting skills. Some paintings require the artist to use multiple painting methods and painting materials. The oil painting pigments, acrylic and oil pastel are all common used in painting.
4.Engagement of the colors convergence of the painting colors
When the fist layer is finished, the painting color will be semi-dried. If go on painting on this condition, the oil would be absorbed then losing the bright layer, the appearance will become grey and dark. In this step, the artists need to adapt some methods. Scraping off the sticking layer and showing the wet color then go on painting. Sometime the occasion effect still could be used. Another method is keeping the brush touches and paint one time with Mid megilp, the function is preventing the new color being absorbed by the initial color layer. It also could soften the old color layer then the new color could stick together over the canvas.
5.Adjust the whole painting composition
The artists need to adjust the details when the whole painting is finished. They need to consider about the full painting composition and the color tone. Each part needs to be coordinate with the whole painting background. The artists would be conscious about the relationship between the overall and the parts. In this stage, the artists are more alike film directors, controlling the oil painting quality based on the original oil painting.