Masaccio, the great forerunner of Realistic art revolution

The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden is one of Masaccio’s most famous master pieces. The oil painting showed the Masaccio’s art proposition in oil painting style. The oil painting depicted the sight that Adam and Eve were driven out from Garden of Eden.

They were painted lively. Viewing from the oil painting technique, Adam and Eve were two walking figures; their movements make the painting was difficult to paint. If the artist didn’t have a solid painting foundation it would be hard to achieve the balance. By painting the figure’s walking posture is accurate; Masaccio controlled the whole oil painting composition with a stable sense. Especially the angle on the top of the oil painting, Masaccio added a space perception and moving sense for the painting. We can see Masaccio’s unique painting skill and outstanding painting foundation with his developed oil painting ability. Masaccio’s oil painting was very different from the other religious oil painting style in the same time. That’s why he was so distinguished from the other artist’s. His oil paintings were full of humanistic elements.

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Lady in Blue, Corot

Corot painted quite a lot of paintings. He always paints in the outside environments, in a corner of a garden or in the nature. This painting is an exception that the painting background was set up interior. The painting was created in Corot’s seventy eight, the previous year that he finished his whole life.

Lady in Blue is a fine art that could touch our hearts deeply. In Corot eyes, the magnificent lady was not a model, her showing added glamorous beauty to his studio. The lady’s manner was with a little reservation. The artist expressed his sincerely feeling in the precious instant. Corot aroused all the art elements to depict the blue color that made the lady’s shape more attractive, like a band conductor aroused the energy of the whole team by a cello. Facing the fine art and seeing the shinning blue like a rose.

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Sleeping Venus, Giorgione

This is Giorgione’s most important oil painting. Sleeping Venus had ever been titled as the most beautiful human body in the world by many artists, historian and artistic critics. The graceful Venus’s nude shocked us as one of the most famous painting in Renaissance.

The oil painting looked like a nice sleeping music. In the endless and silent nature, the beautiful goddess slept in a peaceful manner. Her body was harmonious with the nature environment. It was said the sleeping Venus is the first lying nude in oil painting history. Venus had a well filled-out figure.

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Dancing with sunshine, Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas was famous of painting ballet dancers. As an oil painting artist almost everybody knew him.
Degas was a frequent guest of Palais Garnier. He had never lost interest to ballet. In his late life, ballet was the main painting subject of his art works. Degas had never being so infatuated to other painting subjects, and he had never worked out his personal painting style by other oil painting style.

Degas was interested in ballet not because the ballet dancers were all beautiful girls. He followed with interest in the effects of light and shade. That could be used to show the way of movement and space..
Edgar Degas’ early oil painting objects had ever included audiences, musicians and ballet dancers on the stage. But later, he was not satisfied with watching as a audience. He wanted to go the back stage of the colorful world to see what was happening.

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