Lady in Blue, Corot

Corot painted quite a lot of paintings. He always paints in the outside environments, in a corner of a garden or in the nature. This painting is an exception that the painting background was set up interior. The painting was created in Corot’s seventy eight, the previous year that he finished his whole life.

Lady in Blue is a fine art that could touch our hearts deeply. In Corot eyes, the magnificent lady was not a model, her showing added glamorous beauty to his studio. The lady’s manner was with a little reservation. The artist expressed his sincerely feeling in the precious instant. Corot aroused all the art elements to depict the blue color that made the lady’s shape more attractive, like a band conductor aroused the energy of the whole team by a cello. Facing the fine art and seeing the shinning blue like a rose.

It is a blue of fringed iris or a blue of orchid? Her arms are soft and graceful, like flowers in full bloom. The feeling of elevation becomes stronger by the oil painting composition and the blue dress itself.

If we say the dark color tone of the oil painting background will be helpful to set off the bright and peaceful of the blue, we also need to point out another miracle touch of this oil painting. That is the red in the painting composition. It is a touch in the end of the closing fan in the lady’s hand that can arouse our enthusiasm to the whole painting work. The red color supports the blue. Like a musician note in the scene. How we hope she would open the fan in front of us. We hope she would open her heart. What is she thinking about in the art studio of the artist that she respected deeply? For a beautiful woman like her, what is the meaning of hope? And how does she bear the beautiful of herself?

If she believes the strength of art could keep the special instance love forever?

Year in year out, Corot painted hard. Has he felt unable to paint as much as before? Or opposite, he still encouraged himself and thinking this is the last time to finish a beautiful art work?

On the left side of the oil painting, there was an oblique line that broke the strait composition. The line was showing the strength over turn the changing. The two small oil paintings on the wall were old art works that finished in the past. They were looked like two heart windows that opening to the past ages. The lady’s beautiful shape and splendid face like the flower blooming in oil painting color. As a man that almost finished his life, the artist knew the grace of the beauty could only exist in his oil painting art work.