Sleeping Venus, Giorgione

This is Giorgione’s most important oil painting. Sleeping Venus had ever been titled as the most beautiful human body in the world by many artists, historian and artistic critics. The graceful Venus’s nude shocked us as one of the most famous painting in Renaissance.

The oil painting looked like a nice sleeping music. In the endless and silent nature, the beautiful goddess slept in a peaceful manner. Her body was harmonious with the nature environment. It was said the sleeping Venus is the first lying nude in oil painting history. Venus had a well filled-out figure. The smooth and velvety skin was attraction. Being in deep sleep, she was relaxing without any shy. The elegant rural scenery with Venus full and round shape in the oil painting composition supported each other. When we enjoy the painting art, we can understand why the artist choose to paint Venus. The asceticism disappeared in the oil painting. The oil painting embodied humanistic spirit. It was recorded that Giorgione finished only Venus of the oil painting, after he passed away, Titian finished the landscape in the oil painting. Western critic had ever said that Giorgione was born as a talent person. He had the natural talent to be succeeded very easy. Colors in his oil painting and mural painting were vivid and bright. The transition between bright and shade was quite adept. Even many great masters in the same age admitted that he was born to make the oil painting more beautiful. Giorgione was the first artist to mix oil painting color and secondary color and flexible resin on painting canvas. He developed the new painting techniques in Venice art school. He used rich and bright oil painting color. The realized the semi-transparent and heavy color touches in oil painting.

Giorgione passed away in a very young age. He left very few but very precious oil painting materials. He was a high grade oil painting artist. Though he lived very short, he had become the most remarkable artist in Venice art school. Especially his painting stroke and his painting color tone were symbols of Venice painting school. For western art history, Giorgione had a quite important position. Nobody could replace him. He lead to paint on canvas and was the first artist to paint lying nude. He sought the pure beautiful in art form. After several centuries of Giorgione, painting artists like Poussin were inspired and influenced by his oil paintings. Another Italian artist Titian had ever said the Venus of Giorgione told us what is art that shocking world.