Masaccio, the great forerunner of Realistic art revolution

The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden is one of Masaccio’s most famous master pieces. The oil painting showed the Masaccio’s art proposition in oil painting style. The oil painting depicted the sight that Adam and Eve were driven out from Garden of Eden.

They were painted lively. Viewing from the oil painting technique, Adam and Eve were two walking figures; their movements make the painting was difficult to paint. If the artist didn’t have a solid painting foundation it would be hard to achieve the balance. By painting the figure’s walking posture is accurate; Masaccio controlled the whole oil painting composition with a stable sense. Especially the angle on the top of the oil painting, Masaccio added a space perception and moving sense for the painting. We can see Masaccio’s unique painting skill and outstanding painting foundation with his developed oil painting ability. Masaccio’s oil painting was very different from the other religious oil painting style in the same time. That’s why he was so distinguished from the other artist’s. His oil paintings were full of humanistic elements.
Masaccio lived only 28 years old, but he had created his own oil painting style in art field. He was a painting artist with a strong personal character. His conscious and art conception exceeded the other artists in the same times. After him, Italian oil painting art developed into a new history period and flourish times. But because Masaccio passed away in such a young age, he didn’t get the approval on time of his oil painting conscious and painting style. After a long time, his art conscious were inherited and developed by Florence art school. Some Renaissance artists, especially the traditional oil painting artists followed his oil painting style. Masaccio did a great contribution to the Europe art development in his short life.
A famous western art history expert had ever said: when painting the figure’s head, cloth, buildings, Masaccio adapted a new painting method and created a new oil painting style. He worked a lot for the oil painting art form. We need to mention that during Renaissance, the greatest revolution was the invention of perspective. After that, the lively space sense improved the artistic appeal. It has a meaning of a mile stone in oil painting art history.
Masaccio was one of the greatest oil painting artists in 15th century. Especially his oil painting style had a unique strength. In the meantime, seldom painting artists could achieve his merits.
On oil painting method, he solved the question that Giotto wanted to solve in a whole life, that is depicting the figures with a volume sense and showing he space sense in the painting composition.
Masaccio followed art purport of Giotto. He learned Giotto’s art cream with his own art exploration. He adapted the sculpture creation conscious in his oil painting and painted out the solid and lively figures, and realistic relationship between space and perspective. Masaccio was a great artist like a shot star. His oil paintings manifest his talent on art in such a short life time.